Dave is a highly skilled and knowledgeable IT professional specializing in infrastructure and systems engineering. Throughout his career, he has gained extensive experience working with diverse systems, equipment, and industry professionals. Dave attributes his professional growth to the privilege of collaborating on complex projects with exceptionally intelligent engineers and professionals. He seized those opportunities to enhance his expertise by actively listening, learning, and working with top talent in the field.

With previous roles including vice president of technology at StratITsphere, senior network engineer at MRE Consulting, and network architect at Calpine, Dave has honed his skills across various organizations. These experiences have allowed him to tackle challenging projects, contribute to strategic decision-making, and deliver innovative solutions.

Dave’s dedication to continuous improvement and his ability to work effectively with cross-functional teams have been instrumental in his professional development. His comprehensive understanding of infrastructure and systems engineering makes him a valuable asset in driving technological advancements and optimizing operational efficiency.

Through his commitment to staying updated with the latest industry trends and leveraging his vast network of professionals, Dave ensures that he brings the highest level of expertise and insights to every project he undertakes. With his exceptional technical skills, collaborative approach, and extensive experience, Dave is well equipped to provide effective solutions and drive success for organizations across various sectors.

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